Mother Armett J. Shepard

Mother Armett J. Shepard

Founder & Overseer of God Healing Temple

Born in Oviedo Florida, the youngest in a Christian household of twelve children, Mother Shepard accepted the Lord at an early age. All she knew was that she had a “Friend”. She walked and talked with her “Friend” everyday. When her “Friend” told her to do something or say something, she did. It wasn’t until later in life that she discovered that her friend at that time and still is, Jesus.

While growing up in Oviedo, Mother Shepard attended what is now known as Mission Road Church of God In Christ and at that time it was under the leadership of Bishop J.J. Rice.

After the passing of both her mother and father, Mother Shepard relocated to Rochester, New York to be with her sisters. In the late 60’s Mother Shepard was reclaimed by God and set out on the battlefield for the Lord. Later she was ordained an evangelist and was known throughout the eastern seaboard for her healing and deliverance revivals. It was during these revivals that the power of God was witnessed by many in the regions.

In 1976, under the leadership of Bishop Sellie Williams, Mother Shepard was ordained as Pastor of New Jerusalem Holiness Fellowship Church of God #3. Later that year when the organization split apart, Mother Shepard was given “the go ahead” By Bishop Williams to strike out on her own, following the vision which God had given her and in October 1976 she founded God Healing Temple.

Mother Shepard was pastor of God Healing Temple for twenty-five years during which time many people accepted salvation through the ministry entrusted to her by God. Known as a “prayer warrior”, many have come, many have called or sent word for her just to pray for them because they knew if she prayed, “everything would be alright.” Some of the same people who tried to dismiss her as a pastor, prophet or as an individual who could get a prayer through, came to her for prayer.

On August 12, 2001 Mother Shepard, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, ordained her son Elder Owens F. Shepard and installed him as pastor of God Healing Temple. This was not an act of retirement as Mother Shepard still serves as Overseer of the church.

Over the years, Mother Shepard has endured many trials in both the physical and spiritual realms. A great deal of these trials came in the form of health problems. Mother Shepard has endured seven heart attacks, blindness, renal kidney failure, high blood pressure and a host of other medical problems, most notably heart failure for ten minutes. Through all of this Mother Shepard continues to “press on toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ”.

Mother Shepard was married for forty-three years to the late Deacon Owens C. Shepard, Chairman Deacon of God Healing Temple before his passing in 2010.

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