The People Aren’t Being Delivered

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending a great gospel service. The groups got up and sung their hearts out in honor of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. At one point during the service, the entire church broke out and started shouting. (Side Note: For those of you who don’t understand the term “shouting” I’m not talking about people yelling at each other. I’m talking about people dancing under the power of the Holy Spirit).

As it looked like the whole church, including me was dancing and praising God, the Holy Spirit stopped me and said look around. I stopped and began to survey the church. I watched as people danced all over the church then the Holy Spirit spoke and said, “All of this dancing but not everyone is getting delivered.” In my mind, I said WOW. The Holy Spirit spoke again and said “They are all dancing because the music is good but will they dance if there was no music?” Just at that moment the music stopped and the majority of the people who were dancing, stopped immediately. It was another WOW moment for me. Then the music started again and the dancing began again.

Now there is nothing wrong with shouting. The bible teaches us that David danced out of his clothes as the Ark of the Covenant entered the city of Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit showed me that just because people are dancing, it doesn’t mean they’re receiving deliverance. Many people walk into churches with all kinds of burdens and leave with those same burdens. They hear a word or some music, become emotional and then leave just as messed up as they came.

For those of us who are leaders, it is important that we work to ensure that the message of the gospel isn’t lost to an emotional outburst that does nothing to relieve the spirits of those who are suffering.

About Elder Owens F. Shepard Sr.

Elder Owens F. Shepard Sr. is the son of Mother Armett Shepard and the late Deacon Owens C. Shepard. Being raised in a Christian family, the Word of God was always instilled in him. It had been prophesied that he would one day preach but as he grew older he strayed away from the calling on his life. He joined the U.S. Army in 1986 and moved away from Rochester shortly afterward. After serving on active duty, he returned home to Rochester where he worked in a variety of jobs and even started his own successful business of training security guards from all over the county. In 1996, while his mother lay sick, Elder Shepard accepted the salvation of Jesus in his heart and began working more and more in the church. Elder Shepard was called into the ministry in April of 2000. He was ordained on August 12, 2001. At this time he was also installed as Pastor of God Healing Temple. Elder Shepard started the God Healing Temple Radio Revival, a radio show where he and Mother Shepard preached the gospel and prayed for those who called in. This show lasted for 3 1/2 years until the radio station changed their program format. In July of 2007 he started The God Healing Temple Global Media Network which serves as the production arm for the God Healing Temple Television Revival broadcast on RCTV Channel 15 and internet radio stations that broadcast to a worldwide audience via the internet. Elder Shepard is dedicated and faithful to God. He loves to preach fresh gospel directly from heaven. He has done an excellent job thus far in leading God's people. Elder Shepard is married to Elect Lady, Lakisha Shepard (Walker) and together they are the proud parents of eleven children.

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