The Sunday Sermon December 4, 2016 “There’s Good News”

Scriptural Reference Isaiah 61

Concentrated Text Isaiah 61:1-3

In the text, the nation of Israel finds itself at a point, while in Babylonian captivity, where all hope of salvation seems lost but God, through His prophet, Isaiah proclaims that the hope of salvation is not lost.

In fact, God lays out His plan of salvation to the nation by first saying that in the midst of your troubles, THERE IS GOOD NEWS!

In all of the negative experiences that the nation has and is endured, God is is going to raise them up and free them from their captivity. All of which is for the glory of God.

Oftentimes we can find ourselves in Israel’s shoes. We find ourselves taken captive by worldly cares and they dominate our lives in such a way that our own hopes and dreams seem unattainable. In many cases we feel as though we’re drowning with no one to throw us a life saving device but…. THERE IS GOOD NEWS!

In Philippians 3:7-9  The Apostle Paul says that he suffered the loss of many things but even in his loss he won Christ… THERE IS GOOD NEWS!

Whatever you have been through or are going through may have cost you the loss of money; You may have lost a job; You may have lost the confidence of friends and family; Your health may have suffered but… THERE IS GOOD NEWS!

You may have cried during your situations but God is reminding us that He hears from heaven and now all those things that have ( hearts to be broken, all those things that have put us into what seems like an inescapable captivity are going to be put behind us. We are set free and delivered. NOW THAT”S GOOD NEWS!!!

We find that even in the scripture, it’s not enough to be set free and delivered. After our deliverance, God wants to make us whole by restoring a sense of greatness in us.

Many people get out of prison with nothing. They come home with no money, sometimes no place to stay and they determine that they can’t survive in that state which causes them to go back and do those things that got them locked up in the first place. THERE IS GOOD NEWS!

Unlike the convicts I just spoke of, God has determined that in order for us to have that sense of greatness, He is going to bless us in such a way that we won’t miss what we lost because He intends to give us double for our trouble. Job 42:10  says that after Job’s trial, God blessed him with twice as much as he had before. THERE IS GOOD NEWS!

Every loss shall be recovered. For every friend that was lost God will replace with someone who will stand by you in support. For every tear you cried God will replace with laughter. God wants you to rejoice so pick yourself up, dust yourself off and begin to shout the victory because your God, my God, OUR GOD has heard our cry and now our deliverance is at hand.


About Elder Owens F. Shepard Sr.

Elder Owens F. Shepard Sr. is the son of Mother Armett Shepard and the late Deacon Owens C. Shepard. Being raised in a Christian family, the Word of God was always instilled in him. It had been prophesied that he would one day preach but as he grew older he strayed away from the calling on his life. He joined the U.S. Army in 1986 and moved away from Rochester shortly afterward. After serving on active duty, he returned home to Rochester where he worked in a variety of jobs and even started his own successful business of training security guards from all over the county. In 1996, while his mother lay sick, Elder Shepard accepted the salvation of Jesus in his heart and began working more and more in the church. Elder Shepard was called into the ministry in April of 2000. He was ordained on August 12, 2001. At this time he was also installed as Pastor of God Healing Temple. Elder Shepard started the God Healing Temple Radio Revival, a radio show where he and Mother Shepard preached the gospel and prayed for those who called in. This show lasted for 3 1/2 years until the radio station changed their program format. In July of 2007 he started The God Healing Temple Global Media Network which serves as the production arm for the God Healing Temple Television Revival broadcast on RCTV Channel 15 and internet radio stations that broadcast to a worldwide audience via the internet. Elder Shepard is dedicated and faithful to God. He loves to preach fresh gospel directly from heaven. He has done an excellent job thus far in leading God's people. Elder Shepard is married to Elect Lady, Lakisha Shepard (Walker) and together they are the proud parents of eleven children.

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